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Since 1969, our research efforts have helped investors recover millions of dollars from old stocks and bonds thought to be worthless!

Media Endorsements

"Mr. Bonneau was great and a hit I must say with everyone at my station and with the viewers too. We had many phone calls. I also thought the segment went so well I referred his name to my wife, who is news director at the NBC station in Dallas, Texas."

Calvin Hughes, Anchor
ClearNews at 5 (CBS)
WGCL-TV, Atlanta (GA)

"Stock Search International offers a service which is not readily available anywhere else. I have been recommending this company for more than 15 years and never heard a complaint from any of my listeners."

Bill Holland, Financial Editor
"Money Talk" KSDO-AM
San Diego, California, USA

"The best way to track down obscure companies is to call Stock Search International. Believe us, the task of tracing old companies is so difficult that this service is well worth the fee."

Ken & Daria Dolan
"Straight-Talk on your Money"
WOR-AM, New York City

"Investors should be informed about the potential value of 'seemingly' worthless stocks and bonds. Thanks to Stock Search International, there is light on a subject which deserves greater scrutiny."

Carter B. Smith, guest host
"Jim Jorgensen on Money"
KABL-AM, San Francisco

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