Stock Search International

Database Retrieval

Once we complete an investigation, an electronic copy of the final report is added to our Database of Companies No Longer Listed. Each report is then available to other investors for only $40.00 US. You can browse the database free of charge as often as you want. You only pay for the reports you want to retrieve!

New Research

If you browsed our online database and did not find your company, you may want to initiate new in-depth research. Our current research fee is payable in advance according to the following schedule:

Number of Companies
to be researched
Fees for
In-Depth Research
1 to 9 companies
$85.00 US per company
10 to 19 companies
$75.00 US per company
Need to establish the current worth of more than 20 different companies? Contact us for a quantity discount.

Please note that our research fee is based on the number of different companies you would like us to investigate, regardless of how many certificates you actually hold.