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Recovery of Funds

If our report indicates that your original investment is subject to a potential recovery of funds, you can contact the surviving company or its transfer agent to initiate the claiming procedures on your own. If you prefer to use our specialized services to undertake the recovery negotiations, the following fee is applicable:

Recovery Fee (20% Contingency)

Once we take control of the recovery procedures, we become responsible for drafting legal papers, preparing all required materials and completing any transfer or claim related to your securities. There is no up-front cost for this service. We will absorb all expenses and charge a 20% retainer fee from the final amount recovered on your behalf.

Grace Period

If you decided to proceed with the recovery process on your own, you are granted a grace period of six months. Within that time, you are allowed to use our recovery services without having to pay the research fee again.

Verification Fee

If you decide to use our recovery services following a database retrieval, you are subject to an up-front Verification Fee of $25.00 US. A thorough status verification of your original holdings within the records of the surviving company is essential when assessing the validity of your claim. If your investment is indeed outstanding, we will then be able to determine the exact amount to be recovered and the processing requirements.

What We Need To Proceed

To proceed, we will require your original certificates, a power of Attorney authorizing us to work on your behalf and other legal documents depending on your circumstances. Please contact us so we can draft and specify the specific documents relevent to your case.

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