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Scripophily: Intrinsic vs. collectible value of old stock and bond certificates

Over the past 30 years, our research efforts have helped investors recover more than $6 million US from old stocks and bonds they thought were worthless. To learn more about research, click here!

If you own uncancelled securities in an "unknown" company, your old certificate could still represent a valuable investment. Established in 1969, Stock Search International Inc. is recognized as the expert in the field of financial research.

We have maintained a 97% success rate for tracking down elusive companies and have found that one out of every five delisted companies we process (20% of old securities!) still show potential monetary benefits.

Our research relies on a combination of national and international contacts, on-line inquiries and an extensive library including both up-to-date and rare, out-of-print publications. As a stock sleuth, we know where to start the investigative process, and have to be resourceful when following leads and obtaining answers.

Books we use in the preliminary stage of our investigations include, among others, Poor's Manuals and Moody's Manuals dating back to the 1860s, Fisher's Manuals of Valuable and Worthless Securities, CCH's Capital Changes Reporter, the Financial Stock Guide as well as current issues of the Semi-Annual Stock Summary and older issues of the National Stock Summary.

The cost to conduct such an investigation is $85.00 US per company to be traced, which includes a free collectible appraisal of your certificate if the shares are determined to be valueless.

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