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Your old certificates could make you rich!

Why millions of dollars are still waiting to be claimed by people who believe their unlisted stocks and bonds are worthless...
  1. 2,500 companies change name every year. However, bonds and shares of predecessor companies can be exchanged for new ones since, very often, there is no statute of limitations.
  2. Amalgamation, mergers and acquisitions result in corporation names being delisted from exchanges. Nonetheless, investors retain their original equity and new certificates can be issued.
  3. Bankrupt companies can leave funds behind for investors to claim once the liquidation process is completed.
  4. Dormant, or even defunct companies can be reactivated under different names when market conditions are more favorable. This means your worthless securities are back in business, too!
  5. Privatized companies are taken off stock exchanges, yet their shares are redeemable for cash.
  6. A company dissolved following a buyout will have provisions to pay back stock and bond holders.
  7. Disrupted communication between companies and their investors is not unusual. Don't give up hope just because no one contacted you in years.
  8. Collectible stock and bond certificates are gaining popularity as paper transactions disappear. As such, even documents issued by long gone companies can be valuable for their historical relevance and aesthetic beauty.
Since 1969, our research efforts have helped investors recover millions of dollars from old stocks and bonds thought to be worthless!