Stock Search International

Since 1969, our research efforts have helped investors recover millions of dollars from old stocks and bonds thought to be worthless!

The story of Stock Search International

Micheline Massé and her husband, Joseph Bonneau, first showed interest in "worthless" stock and bond certificates in 1964. Living in Montreal, Quebec, at the time, they decided to use old securities to paper a wall in their living room.

They soon exhausted their own supply and asked friends to contribute their unwanted documents. To their delight, many had interesting names and beautiful vignettes which enhanced their decorative project.

Joseph, a stock broker, and Micheline, a business student, became intrigued by all these certificates and they soon began researching the background of some of the issuing companies. This quickly led to their first "find" - shares inherited by a friend which were still worth $5,000.00!

Further investigations produced additional recoveries, and the family hobby soon became a full time quest. This finally led to the creation of "Stock Market Information Service" in 1969.

The Canadian head office of the company was first relocated to San Diego, California, in 1988, and the name was officially changed to "Stock Search International Inc." (SSI). In 1993, the Research Center moved to Tucson, Arizona, where it would remain for the next 15 years.

Pierre Bonneau, CEO of Stock Search International

After nearly thirty years of investigations and millions of dollars recovered, Micheline announced her retirement in July, 1997. The helm of Stock Search International was taken over by her youngest son, Pierre Bonneau (left), who had been running the research department for the past decade.

Stock Search International Inc. is recognized today as the authority when it comes to finding value in old stocks and bonds no longer trading on current markets. Pierre believes that the company offers the most thorough research service in this field, as it tracks down 97% of the old investments it investigates.

Its lasting success relies on a combination of national and international contacts, live inquiries, on-line sources and an extensive in-house library including up-to-date and out-of-print publications. Like real detectives, its team of researchers first find out where to start before following leads to obtain accurate information. As such, the company's quality reports are now recognized by both the IRS and the SEC.

Stock Search International has the highest success rate in reviving old investments. Since 1969, its research efforts have helped investors recover millions of dollars from old certificates thought to be worthless. Moreover, the professional services of Stock Search International are utilized worldwide by banks, accountants, financial advisers, brokers/dealers, estate lawyers and individual investors.