Stock Search International

Initiate Research Online: What We Need From You

  1. Submit your Research Request. Complete the Research Request form below and click on the "submit" button to let us know which companies you want us to investigate.
  2. Pay the Research Fee. For immediate processing of your online research request, we accept credit card payment using Visa or MasterCard. If you wish to pay by check or money-order, please use our printer-friendly form and forward your payment and documents by regular mail.
  3. Send a copy of your certificate or brokerage transcript. You can either fax us copies at 1-520-579-5639 or e-mail us GIF or JPEG scans as attachments at

What We Do For You

  1. We will conduct a Stock Search to establish the current worth of your securities as investments. We will also appraise the potential collectible value of your original certificates. Please note that we track down the financial history of companies and government bonds worldwide, all the way back to the 1850s.
  2. If your securities have recoverable value, we will advise you by phone of the approximate amount involved. At that point, you can hire us to take control of the recovery negotiations or you can obtain our final report and try to obtain the funds on your own. There is no up-front cost for us to get involved. We will absorb all the expenses incurred and keep a 20% retainer fee from the final amount recovered. Grace Period: If you decide to proceed by yourself, you have up to six months for using our recovery services without having to pay a new research fee.
  3. If your securities have no recoverable value, we will send you a detailed report explaining our findings. We will also make a purchase offer for your original certificates based on our collectible appraisal.
  4. Money-Back Guarantee. If we cannot establish whether or not your old investments have current worth, we will refund the research fee in full. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every certificate we investigate has recoverable value.

Research Fee

Number of Companies
to be researched
Fees for
In-Depth Research
1 to 5 companies
$85.00 US per company
6 to 10 companies
$75.00 US per company
11 to 20 companies
$70.00 US per company
Need to establish the current worth of more than 20 different companies?

You may want to become a Database Subscriber. For more information and a full discounted fee schedule, feel free to contact us.

Please note that our research fee is based on the number of different companies you would like us to investigate, regardless of how many certificates you actually hold.

1-800-537-4523 or contact us